“jeltje performs and records collaborations of poetry and musical improvisations (“polypoetry”).

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Princes by night (2015)

Dreaming in English (2005)

A form of “poetry for peace”, produced during the initial period of the conflict in Iraq, this CD of jeltje’s poetry and music composed by improvising musician Harry Williamson, was recorded entirely in Harry’s studio (Spring Studio).
The poetry was written especially for these improvised studio sessions. It has a dreamlike quality, and moves freely backwards and forwards in time.

Poetry live in the House (2004)

Jeltje published of a collection of her poetry in book form, together with a CD of recordings of some of the poems performed by “jeltje & friends”.

The improvising musicians in this collaboration include, again, Robert Calvert and Sjaak de Jong, as well as the improvising singing group UQ (Sjaak de Jong, Mark Lewis and Anna Fern). Improvising musician Harry Williamson also makes an appearance, playing guitar and synthesizer.

Dark into light (1996)

jeltje worked with saxophonist Robert Calvert, the improvising chorus UQ and singer/guitarist Sjaak de Jong on collaborations based on her own poetry. This was an invaluable opportunity to explore her own rhythms of speech as well as becoming aware of how much her exposure to Jazz and Rock, especially during her formative years, had actually influenced the rhythms and structures of her poetry. As well as "3-minute poems" pieces, there are compositions based on snatches of dialogue, as well as abstract sound pieces which are hard to define, a bit like concrete poems put to music.

Big River (1995)

jeltje’s first poetry and music collaboration began in 1995, during a recording for the soundscape of the Exhibition “Big River” . She performed, with musician Zane Trow, poetry constructed from oral history material about people that living and working in the port of and, along the banks of, the rivers Yarra and Marybyrnong.